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Offer you various types of Marine Filters from China manufactures which include Racor fuel filter; Mercruiser oil filter; Boat fuel filters;outboard fuel water separator…

SPC or statistical process control is the collection of quantifiable assembly and inspection data which is analyzed and used as the basis for the elimination of variation and for the basis of process improvement.

The key items monitored are those related to :

Thread Quality 

Seam Integrity (Double Seam or Lockseam)

All Aspects of Gasket Quality

Filter Element Quality

Anti-drainback Valve Integrity


Thread quality is extremely important!

Because it is the primary interface mechanism to the vehicle. If the threads are nicked or damaged; only partially threaded; rough; or, if there is debris in the thread, the oil filter will not smoothly engage the center post resulting in an improperly seated oil filter; improper loading on the gasket, potential leaks, creation of metal shavings on the “clean” side of the filter or possible damage to the center post. The analysis of field returns and customer complaints showed that thread quality can manifest itself in many forms:
Good screw plate and cover plate

Thread quality is extremely important!

Debris in Threads

Nicked or Damaged Threads

Rough Threads

Thread Perpendicularity

Wrong Thread

How is thread quality monitored?

A Quality Control Plan is created to monitor all vital processes for a product. The control plan will dictate what, when and how a process is monitored and measured

For this line, thread tapping is performed by a thread tapping machine and is noted as a special characteristic
A plug gauge is used
% pieces are checked every 2 hours
The work instruction is identified
The data is collected on an inspection sheet by an inspector
If an issue is found the required corrective action is identified

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One of the key elements in the quality control plan is incoming gasket quality Upon receipt, the gaskets are inspected and several data points are taken from the inspected gaskets

The left photo is the gasket control plan, the following slides demonstrate how the plan is followed

The inspector will start with a visual inspection. Using a caliper and jig, the inspector assures the part meets the dimensions of the part’s documented specification

Again referring to the product specification, the inspector will measure the shore hardness hardness of the gasket and record the data


Where is the data collected and how is it presented?

A monthly report is prepared which details Production projects The items analyzed per the quality Control Plan Problems are highlighted The largest percentage of failures are reviewed Parts per million are reviewed Failure analysis is detailed Corrective actions are assigned

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