China Marine Fuel Pump Supplier, offer you high performance electric fuel pump used for Carter Marine,Sierra,Mercruiser,PCM12v fuel pump…

Carbon commutators used on high flow applications

–High flow applications cause extensive wear, leading to failure
–Carbon commutator has longer service life and better  resistance to bad fuel.

Production Process

Fuel level sensor wiper material changes from copper alloy to palladium silver alloy

–Palladium silver alloy has better fuel resistance and longer service life
— Life test shows that current copper alloy wiper failed at 300,000 cycles,while palladium silver alloy wipers passed 2 million cycles

Assembling Line

“U” shape production line

1-Assembling Line

“一” shape production line

2-Assembling Line

Full-Automatic line for Armature

1-Full-Automatic line for Armature2-Full-Automatic line for Armature

100% dimension test by automatic to keep the quality.

dimension test (2)dimension test (1)

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